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Yuanfang mold is a leading designer and mold manufacturing company serving in China, we are a manufacturer of production and prototype molds for automotive, electronic, medical device, appliance and industrial market. Our principle is that customer is first and persistent improving . 


We are a trusted custom manufactures(OEM/ODM) overmolding mould factory. We are experienced China exporting manufactures offering high-quality, competitive pricing products to our client. You can buy best budget overmolding mould that we are your best cooperator.

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Multi Cavity mold

What is Multi Cavity Mold? A multi-cavity mold is an injection mold that has more than one cavity of the same part, and the mold is designed to produce multiples of the same part during each production run. Multi-cavity injection molds are often used for higher volume products since it allow you to make more efficient use of the cycle time and produce more parts from the same mold within the shot guarantee. What Benefits of Multi-Cavity Injection Molds? A multi-cavity mold contains multiple cavities in the same part. It can produce a large number of parts in each injection molding cycle, which is very suitable for mass production. Some other obvious benefits include: Shorter delivery time: Since multiple parts can be completed in each cycle, quotas can be reached faster.. Reduce mold costs: Compared to creating four separate molds, molds with four cavities are cheaper and have a lower cost of ownership. Lower parts price: The total labor and machine time of multi-cavity molds are shorter, which reduces the price of parts. Order scalability: It is difficult to meet the demand for one million parts with a single cavity mold. Multi-cavity molds allow you to place large orders in time. A Single Mold VS. Multi-Cavity Mold , which is best for your project? A single cavity mould will produce a single cycle, whereas a multi-cavity mould produces more than one product per cycle. In general, choosing a single or multi cavity mould depends on your timeframe and demand. When large volume identical parts are needed within a set time frame, a multi-cavity mold is often the better choice. Multi-cavity mold molds enable to create more parts, faster within the shot guarantee. However, multi-cavity molds are not the best option for all the projects. A multi-cavity mold requires a far more substantial upfront investment than a single-cavity mold. It is more cost-intensive to create multi-cavity molds because they require more material, labor, and energy resources than a single-cavity mold. If producing parts at high volumes, the investment in a multi-cavity injection mold can certainly pay off. But at lower volumes, it may make more sense to adopt for a single-cavity mold. Multi-Cavity Molds VS. Family Molds: Which is the best for your needs? Multi-cavity injection molds are sometimes confused with family injection molds, but the two are quite different. While a family injection mold also includes multiple cavities, those cavities are not the same, they are used to create different components of a product in a single run. Although a family mold also contain multiple cavities, the parts generated share a similar size but different designs. For example, if your part requires two different parts of almost equal size, you can use this tool to produce them at the same time. It has the same advantages of a multi-cavity mold, but has some other advantages: • lower total tooling budgets • Productivity increase since two or more components produced in one injection cycle • Low-volume order potential: family injection molds are cost-effective for low-volume orders, as don’t need to run different molds • Ideal for prototyping ,since a product can be fully assembled using only one family mold prototype, it can cut down on pre-production costs. However ,because of the different shapes of the cavities in a family mold, it can be much harder to maintain consistency during part production, thereby increasing your risk of molding defects.

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2K/3K Mold

YF Mold specialized in making Two Shot Molds and Two-Shot Molding.With professional team, based on your part design, we are able to provide the best price 2k injection services solution with high-quality products.Affordable prices and quick lead time are our competitive advantage, we’ll be your reliable partner.

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Precision Mold

Yuanfang mold is professional precision injection mold manufacturer. Precision injection mold is the most expensive and complex mold design process in the market. Our engineering team is an excellent technical and rich experience who can design the mold according to drawing directly production. Our advanced equipment like sodick EDM, Wire cut and Fanuc CNC, ZESS CMM machine can manufacture precision mold.

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Whether your project is small in scope or a custom solution project requiring special materials, inspection, and precise execution to completion, we can do it all.

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Custom injection mold

Guangdong Yuanfang Technology Industry Co., Ltd is a reliable custom China plastic injection mold factory. We are innovators and forward thinkers providing integrated services with the most up-to-date technologies. We work with the most demanding industries that are building the future in automotive, aerospace, electro-electronics, and medical.

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Insert mold

What is insert molding? Insert molding is a plastic injection molding process that a prefabricated part is inserted into a mold, then injecting the plastic resin, and the molten material is bonded to the insert, cooled and solidified. Tips on the part design & insert molding mould 1. Material requirements for inserts: hardness, rigidity, shrinkage, melting point 2. The design of the parts shall be convenient for installation and fixation in the mold to prevent the parts from deviation or looseness under the impact of the flowing resin. 3. Manufacturing accuracy and consistency of inserts 4. Select the appropriate mold structure, and the inserts can also be completely sealed into the resin. 5. The shrinkage rate of metal insert molding is not uniform, and the limit test of the shape and dimensional accuracy of the important areas should be done in advance. 6. The metal insert has the possibility of deformation and displacement during the injection process, and the designer should be fully considered about mould construction to help stabilize the metal insert. What are the Applications for Insert Molding? Insert molding is used in a wide range of industries for a variety of uses and applications include: • Home appliance • Electrical components • Automobile • Aerospace • Medical instruments and devices This is how and why insert molding. This is done for plastics. There are lots of companies providing insert molding services. Make sure you contact the right one for your molding requirements.

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At YF mold, we manufacture hundreds of custom injection mold and injection molded parts every year. We are proud to have earned a reputation for being one of the best in the industry, offering high-quality, low-cost solutions. To give you an idea of the range of projects we've worked on over ten years.

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Registered in more than 50 countries


Registered in more than 50 countries

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Yuanfang Technology as an ISO 9001:2015 & IATF16949:2016 certified one stop shop specializing in the design and manufacturing of precision injection mold and plastic molded parts since 1996.
Yuanfang Technology as an ISO 9001:2015 & IATF16949:2016 certified one stop shop specializing in the design and manufacturing of precision injection mold and plastic molded parts since 1996. 24+ years 600 sets/year 80 percent 0.005mm Company history Mold capacity Export Mold Mold tolerance Who are we? Out there when most companies are busy covering many industries as soon as they can, our owner, also the general engineer Mr. Henry Liao, on the other hand has been investing his expertise on 20 years of development and improvement to fulfil most clients 's underlying quest for custom, precision and premium molds. Founded in 1996 named as Hanking Mould started the mould manufacturing and injection molding business in Shenzhen. In 2017, to effectively respond to the growth demand of the overseas market, HanKing Mould has set up a professional precision mould manufacturing factory registered as Guangdong Yuanfang Precision Technology Co., Ltd. serving for our customers around the world. In 2021, due to the increasing demand for plastic products in domestic and foreign markets, Dongguan Yuanfang Plastic Manufactory Co. Ltd. was found in Dalang town Dongguan city which focus on injection molding in automotive industry, electronic, home appliance, medical device, industry series. There are 39 injection machine from 60T to 1600T which can produce small and large products. Meanwhile our injection molding factory have perfect management system, advanced production and testing equipment and clean workshop environment to serve global customer. Why us? YF mold have outstanding management team and experienced professional technical team, strict quality standard, and ensure the stable quality of product and improve. Our rich experienced design and engineering team can handle complex and precision mold which superior to from many of its competitors. ●ISO 9001:2015 and IATF16949:2016 accredited for tooling and moulding. ●Advanced manufacture equipment with Sodick wire cut,EDM, Funanc CNC, ZEISS CMM machine ●Provide design and mold flow for manufacture support ●Full mold preventative maintenance and service ●Full process traceability ●Supply options to meet customer requirements Vast Expertise in all Elements of Injection Molds. Original factory direct price Skip the back-and-forth with your traditional suppliers. Add Yuanfang as vendor for an end-to-end service. Yuanfang enhances quality workflow Our Project Management Office monitors the scope of the tooling project, delivery and cost. The project management team maintains communication of the project status both internally and to the customer. Trustworthy and experienced in the western market Yuanfang experienced in plastic injection molds and production for the overseas market over 10 years; we have set up After-sales service centers in Europe & North America and will be more and more, providing mold maintenance and technical support. Certification Certificate
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  • IATF16949 Certificate
  • Injection mold quality management system Certificate
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certificate
  • Quality Management System Certificate
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