48 Cavities domestic appliances injection mold

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Steel Material 8407
Part Material PP AV161
Mould Life 1,500,000
Number of cavity 48
Mould Injection System HUSKY Hot System  With Valve Gate
Mold Frame LKM
Surface Treatment Texture

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Save Your Injection Molding Cost By Multi-Cavity Mold

When do you need a multi-cavity mold? Before starting to make plastic molds, some factors need to be considered.

• Product size

• Product quantity requirements

• The size of the machine, if you only purchase plastic molded parts, leave it to us to consider.

If the size of the product is small, usually builds 24 or 48 cavities, it must be said why 30 or 40 cavities are not made. This is because in order to balance the mold layout and material filling balance, especially in Cold runner mold when in use. Therefore, usually multi-cavity molds with 4, 8, 16, 24, 48, 96 cavities are a better choice. When we make multiple cavity molds and the number of cavities exceeds 24, it is usually recommended to make a hot runner mold, one part for each hot drop, and at least 6 hot runners to cold runners, which means that 4 cavities per hot drop. This saves cycle time and maintains the best quality of injection molded parts. Yuanfang technology is plastic mold manufacturer, specialized in making custom single cavity molds, multiple cavity molds, hot runner mold, cold runner mold, overmolding, 2k injection molding and more, contact us for free quote today.

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