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Automotive Sensors

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Automotive Sensors

August 09, 2022

Automotive Sensors

Product size: customized by customers

Product color: black

Product material: engineering plastic

Product size: 1cm * 2.3cm

Number of mold cavities: 1 out of 32

Product performance: flame retardant, good toughness, high temperature resistance, moisture-proof, antioxidant, etc

Technical difficulty: Product accuracy

Technical requirements: Burrs, sharp edges, scratches, etc. are not allowed, and the demolding angle is within the tolerance range.

This product is a mold for automotive sensors. We provide customized services for design, molds, and products.

We have an internal team of engineers who can help you develop and provide high-quality products.

Welcome OEM production and small batch customization.

Automotive sensors are intelligent sensors that can be used to control and process oil pressure, temperature, emission levels, coolant levels, and more. There are various types of sensors in cars, especially those used in car engines. Today, almost all Almost all car engines use different car sensors to collect the correct information and calculate the ideal mixture. Therefore, high-precision and durable automotive sensors and high-quality auto parts molds construction for automotive sensors are very important.

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