Connecting Plug Injection Mold

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Steel Material 2343
Part Material ABS
Mold Life 500,000
Number of cavity 1
Mold Injection System Hot runner
Mold Frame LKM
Surface Treatment Texture

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Cold Runner Moulds

In a cold runner system, the runners operate at the same temperature as the rest of the mold without additional heating systems. The sprue, runner, and gate are all cooled along with the mould and the additional plastic left attached to the part or ejected separately (depending on the complexity of the mould). The plastic can be recovered and recycled if it’s made out of a thermoplastic resin.

Cold Runner Advantages

Due to the lack of a complex heating system, cold runner molds cost less to create. Can accept a wider range of polymers as it doesn’t have to worry about heat sensitivity. Lower maintenance and inspection needs due to a more simple design. Easier design changes (movement of gate and runners) than hot runner systems.

Cold Runner Disadvantages

Depending on the mould, it will need manual or automated removal of the extra plastic. Longer cycle times due to the need to eject the sprues and runners plastic. More waste creation from extra ejected plastic (if not recycled). Limited in part design and size due to the limitations of cooling plastic in the runners. So, which type of runner is the right choice for your mould? Get a quote and consultation from us here at YF Mold. We can go over the various options for molds and plastics to make perfect mold for your needs. With more than 100+ years of injection mould design, tooling, and part production experience, we can help you with every part of the process. Contact us today to get started.

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