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Custom overmolding for auto tank part

oem overmolding injection molding
oem overmolding injection molding
oem overmolding injection molding
oem overmolding injection molding

Custom overmolding for auto tank part

Custom overmold for auto tank parts

Yuanfang provide custom overmold with many successfully cases. We can provide best solution how to design the mold cost-effective and good quality for our client

Specification of Yuanfang injection mould


Intake for auto parts

Mold Cavity Steel:


Part Material:


Mold Life:


Mold Cavity:


Mold Inection System:

Cold runner to sub gate

Mold Frame:


Surface Treatment:


Mold Size:


What Is Overmolding?

Overmolding is a unique injection molding process that creating a single part using a combination of two or more plastic or elastomer materials. During the plastic overmolding process, the base layer part is molded first, then the additional plastic layers are molded over and around the original part.


Overmolding VS. Insert Molding, Which Is Better for Your Project?


Here are some tips to determine which manufacturing process is best for your project:

Choose overmolding when:

1.      The parts can be made of thermoplastics, and/or rubber

2. The design consists of multiple layers, materials (limited to those listed above), and/or colors.

3. Will manufacture both the substrate and secondary layer

4. Part will not need to be taken apart or disassembled.


Choose insert molding when:

1. Use a prefabricated substrate.

2. Your substrate is made of metal, wires, or computerized parts.

3. You want the finished part to be one solid piece.

What is the Benefits and Limitations of Overmolding?

Overmolding offers many benefits, but also has a few limitations that you need to be aware of.


Benefits of Overmolding:

Reduced secondary operations, assembly and labor costs

Improved grip and ergonomics

Creating a waterproof seal

Providing electrical insulation

Dampening of vibrations or to absorb sound

Colorful aesthetics

Flexible mechanical features for fitment and / or function


Limitations of Overmolding:

Similar to injection molding, overmolding has excessive upfront costs.

It is time-consuming and expensive to manufacture and modify tooling out of metal, and two-shot injection molding machines are complex to dial in.

Need to produce a large number of parts to distribute these costs.


How to deal with deformation of voermolding parts ?

The shrinkage of TPE overmolding is one of the properties that need to be paid attention in the research and development of industry even production, when the TPE material starts cooling from the melting state, its molecules will align with each other, and the shrinkage will change. So how to solve the shrinkage and deformation of TPE overmolding products?


Shrinkage and deformation solutions of TPE overmolding products :

1Reduce the thickness of TPE part

2Use the hardness of TPE resin is not too high 3Chang the location of injection gate to reduce the length of flow and thickness percentage

4 Use the high modulus of elasticity material ,for example PP,ABS,PP,PA ect.

5Modify the mold . Some products that are deformed or difficult to release are also associated with molds.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, to get your next design project started today, simply upload a 3D CAD model at yuanfang.com.

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