Custom Plastic Molds

Custom plastic molds are the tools used in many product industries to produce plastic parts. Molds must be designed and manufactured to produce thousands of plastic parts over the life of the product. Most molds are made of hardened steel, aluminum, or other metal alloys. Steel molds are more expensive, but they last longer and can produce more parts in greater quantities. Depending on the purpose of the part, lower quality steel or aluminum may be a cheaper option, especially if the volume requirements of the part are low.
Yuanfang Technology, a Chinese mold manufacturer located in Shenzhen, dedicates in injection mold tooling, manufacturing and plastic injection moulding services, offers custom injection mold making and plastic parts production for global companies.
Yuanfang Services:
• CAD design/mold flow analysis/DFM.
• Custom Injection mold.
• Plastic Injection molding.
• Painting, skill printing, assembly.

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