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Custom Precision Plastic Molded Gears

Custom Precision Plastic Molded Gears

August 09, 2022

Custom Precision Plastic Molded Gears Part Material: POM

Product Size: 33.5*10.1mm

Product Description: Plastic Motor Gear

Mould Cavity:  2  cavities

Mould Size: 250*250*330 MM

Mould Cavity Steel: 2343ESR

Mould Injection System: 3 point gates

Mould Ejection System: round ejector

Mould Cycle Time: 20s

Mould Life Cycle: 500,000

YF Mold has experienced technical staff to produce high quality plastic gears that accurately, even the most demanding specifications.We continually upgrade molding machines and equipment with the latest process controls that providing the highest accuracy us to hold injection pressure,mold temperature with a tight window to molded high precision gears that meet and exceed your strict requirements.

Use 3D prototype printing, DFM and Moldflowanalysis! We have high precision fanuc Cnc machines, wire EDM machines and high quality EDM machines.

We can produce high precision mould parts and high quality plastic molded gears.

Tolerances can be up to: +/-0.001mm

Custom Production Process
We meet all aspects of customer requirements
Mould temperature: 60-80 " C
Barrel temperaturefront section: 220-260C
Middle section: 290-310C
Back section: 300-320C
Nozzle: 290-300C3 
Injection pressure: 60-70mpa4 
Injection speed: medium5 
Injection time: according to the size of thepart, it is better if the part fills the mould and thesurface is basically cooled and shape

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