What information is required for a quote for my project?

We need the following information:

• 2D& 3D files

• Tooling life/Estimated annual usage parts

• Part material

Will my drawings be safe after sending to you?

Yes, we can sign the NDA before cooperation, so for sure we will keep them well and not release them to the third party without your permission.

How many free plastic samples can I get?

Frist Trial Shotting Samples: normally we would provide our clients 10~20 shots samples.

What's your payment terms?

Typically for Mould: T/T, 40% Deposit with P.O., 30% upon First Trial Sample, 30% prior to shipment; Part molding: 50% after PO confirmed, 50% after production finished.

Is it possible to know how are my products are going on without visiting your company?

We usually send the progress schedule weekly with pictures or videos.

How long does it take to build an injection mold?

Depending on size and complexity, simple molds can be completed in two weeks or less. The typical lead time is between 4-6 weeks, but some complex parts could take two months to design and manufacture the tool.

What kind of resins do you mold?

Virtually all thermoplastics are available on the market.

Can you mold around inserts or metal components?

Yes, we routinely perform insert molding. We have designs calling for just a few to as many as 2000 inserts placed in the mold prior to the shot.

How many plastic parts can be produced with an injection mold?

The number of plastic parts produced by a plastic injection mold can vary from several thousand to several million units. The main factors are as follows:

• The type of steel (aluminum, steel, etc.)

• The type of plastics (PP, PE, ABS, reinforced or not reinforced the material, etc.)

• The quality of the press

Thus, the lifetime of the injection mold depends on its quality and the materials used during its manufacture.

Do you offer prototype tooling?

Yes, we do offer prototype tooling.

What parameters determine the price of plastic injection mold?

• Manufacturing time,

• The number of impressions: the simpler the design of the injection mold, the lower the price.

• The type of material used to make the injection mold. This depends in particular on the number of parts to be produced. In general, aluminum will be cheaper than steel.

• The type of injection required.

• The size and complexity of the part being molded

• The cost of materials

What is the difference between overmolding and insert molding?

Overmolding is a unique injection molding process that results in a seamless combination of multiple materials into a single part or product. It typically includes a rigid, plastic-base component overlaid with a thin, pliable, rubber-like thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) exterior layer or other materials using either a single-shot (insert molding) or two-shot (multiple-shot molding) technique

Insert molding is a combination of metal and/or other plastics into a single unit.

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