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High Quality 2K Injection Mold Building for Medical Mask

double-shot molding medical device
double-shot molding medical device
double-shot molding medical device
double-shot molding medical device
double-shot molding medical device

High Quality 2K Injection Mold Building for Medical Mask

Different from the common two-color mold, the mold built-in rotary shaft with cylinder core pulling, monochrome machine add an auxiliary nozzle can complete the production.

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    1 set
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    DAP,DDU,FOB,EXW etc. available
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    30 days for T1

How can produce 2K parts if you don’t have a double coloured plastic injection machine?

In fact, the mold design of 2K Plastic is more intricate than the single-color mold. The rotating core must have high quality and durability to ensure mold performance and quality. Generally speaking, extensive experience in mold design and two-color plastic injection molds making is very important for obtaining high-quality two-color plastic products.

High Quality 2K Injection Mold Building for Medical Mask

High Quality 2K Injection Mold Building for Medical Mask

Applications of 2K Injection Moulding

2K injection molding is perfect for combinations of hard and soft plastics and also if you want to process 2 colors of plastic in one product.

Two shot injection molding is a good way for you if you want to combine two different materials like hard material and soft material into one product by injection molding processing. We create full products in 2 steps by two color injection molding. YF Mold has created 2K molds for Home appliance ,automotive, medical industry etc.

Specification of YF Mold

Description: SPC MSK
Mold Cavity Steel: 2343 ESR
Part Material: PP+TPE
Mold Life:
Mold Inection System: Master Hot runner
Mold Cavity: 2+2
Mold Frame:
Mold Size:
600*600*600 mm

What is 2k injection mold?

2K Injection Mold, sometimes known as 2 materials 2 shots molding or 2 color molding, is an innovative manufacturing process used to produce complicated molded parts from two different materials.
2K Injection in performed on one machine that is programmed to perform two injections in one cycle. Injection molding is the process of making custom plastic parts by injecting molten plastic material at high pressure into a metal mold. Just like other forms of plastic molding, after the molten plastic is injected into the mold, the mold is cooled and opened to reveal a solid plastic part.

2K Mold Design

2K mold design is a pivotal factor for molding success. Followings are factors that will make an influence 2k molding: dimensioning and location of the sprue gates, dimensioning of shear edges, flow aids, cooling and ejector techniques, etc. Here at Yuanfang 2k moulding factories, we keep making good 2K mold designs and we are committed to making durable mold that is highly efficient operating and easy to make maintenance and molding production.

The followings are the points that we need to consider during 2K mold design:
  • Shrinkage of plastic material
  • Wall thickness
  • Cavity Numbers
  • Plastic material flow systems-Runner and Gate
  • Cooling system for around cavity and core
  • Ejection System
  • Air venting

Advantage of Yuanfang Injection Mould

  • We have more than 20 years of experience in plastic injection mold manufacturing, rich experience in Sports Cup Lid mold. we also specialized in making 2k injection molding.
  • Based on your part design, we are able to provide the best price 2k injection services solution with high-quality products.
  • We have advanced process and inspection equipment and regular investment in leading-edge equipment.
  • We can participate in and assist customers from the initial product design and development to the entire stage of mold making and product production and delivery.
  • We provide a perfect project Management System.
  • We provide innovative solutions based on varied industry experience.
  • We guarantee our molds for the life of your project.

High Quality 2K Injection Mold Building for Medical Mask

 Feel free to call or email us,YF Mold is happy to offer solution for your 2K Tools or 2K injection moulding projects.

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If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!