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Steel Material 2343
Part Material PK
Mold Life 500,000
Number of cavity 2
Mold Injection System Cold runner
Mold Frame LKM
Surface Treatment Texture

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Maturity of large-scale progressive die technology, high-speed and high-reliability has become an important feature of fine-level progressive die. At present, large-scale progressive stamping parts are everywhere, parts are getting larger and larger, shapes are more and more complex, show large scale progressive die technology entered the mature stage. The high-precision precision progressive die has higher and higher requirements for stability and reliability of production, and has become an important means of competition for mold manufacturing enterprises. Obviously, mold design and manufacturing technology of super large-sized formed parts and small ultra-precision parts has become a hot spot for molding factory.

Mold standard parts tend to be refined. In recent years, with improvement of mold types and requirements, mold standard parts have become an important condition for mold company to participate in international competition. The variety and classification are the main trends of current mold standard parts. There are more and more traditional standard parts, and quality requirements are getting higher and higher. New functional structure standard parts with more manufacturing flexibility are also becoming more and more important, becoming a new direction for new technologies and innovations to enhance competitiveness.

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