Home Appliance Mold

  • Home appliance components mold

    Home appliance components mold

    Maturity of large-scale progressive die technology, high-speed and high-reliability has become an important feature of fine-level progressive die. At present, large-scale progressive stamping parts are everywhere, parts are getting larger and larger, shapes are more and more complex, show large s...
  • Houseware mold

    Houseware mold

    It is expected that in the future mold market, development speed of plastic molds will be higher than other molds, and proportion in the mold industry will gradually increase. Among them, the plastic mold processing technology generally presents the following development trends: //cdncn.goodao.n...
  • Babyplastic mold

    Babyplastic mold

    Wide application of 3D printing in the mold manufacturing. 3D printing application production mold cavity is a new trend in the development of cavity mold. The metal additive-reduced material combination manufacturing technology is an important direction in the field of 3D printing. At present, h...
  • Domestic appliance components mold

    Domestic appliance components mold

    The popularization of mold integrated manufacturing unit and its technology. In addition that molding has the functions of automatic feeding, stamping forming, lamination metering, thickness grouping, iron core combination and product output, hinge assembly connection, and complex motion structur...
  • Complex  structure plastic mold

    Complex structure plastic mold

    Steel Material 8407 Part Material ABS Mold Life 1,000,000 Number of cavity 1 Mold Injection System Hot runner Mold Frame LKM Surface Treatment Texture   It will be more attractive to makes the compounding and high efficiency of processing equipment through the refinement of...

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