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china insert injection molding
china insert injection molding
china insert injection molding
china insert injection molding

Insert mold provider

Short Description:

Steel Material 8407
Part Material PBT
Mould Life 1,000,000
Number of cavity 4
Mould Injection System Cold runner
Mold Frame LKM
Surface Treatment Texture

How to improve your molded parts and solve your issues by the insert molding technology?

If your part design requires an inserts, insert molding technology is ideal option instead of assembly of the device, connectors, fasteners, or adhesives for your projects.

Reduce molded part size: plastic molding parts that have metal inserts molded together with plastics, so the part size can be designed smaller and weight lighter compare to assembly the insert with plastic parts.

Increased reliability of your part: insert moulding is molded together by the plastic molding process, so every part tightly molds in thermoplastic, prevents part loosening, misalignment, mismatch, and other problems.

Reduced your costs of your part: since insert molding only need a worker to put inserts into mold during the molding production, a single insert or multiple inserts can be molded in one shot, this reduces assembly and labor costs.

Increased design flexibility: Thanks to molding process with insert molding, you can save much time to think about how to assembly the part together; and how to fasten the metal parts and plastic part tight together. The process let you design jobs more efficient.

Looking for insert molding services for your design? Feel free contact one of our engineers with questions, Design for manufacturability (DFM) analysis available if necessary.

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Leave A Message
If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!