Medical Device Mold

  • Medical tool cover plastic mold

    Medical tool cover plastic mold

    With decades of engineering precision injection molds for medical applications, Yuanfang has gained extensive experience and developed specialized innovations focused in meeting the unique needs of the medical industry.

  • Medical device tool maker

    Medical device tool maker

    Yuanfang Technology is an ISO9001:2015 certificated factory focusing on developing, design and manufacturing plastic injection moulds and plastic molded parts for medical devices.

  • Medical plastic component injection mold

    Medical plastic component injection mold

    There are various applications and products that plastic injection molding supports in the medical field include dental instruments, surgical implants, needles,tubes

Over the past decades, Yuanfang Technology has supplied precision injection tooling and molded parts to some of the largest medical device companies in the world. Medical moulds, included disposable medical products, medical equipment internal parts and plastic housing.
High quality medical molds mostly depend on the mold design process. 
Yuanfang uses the most advanced design software to analyze the mold, so that can completely identify the defects in the design, check whether the mold has problems of weld line, warpage, shrinkage, etc., improve design efficiency, and create higher quality and higher precision Medical mold.
Our design team has extensive experience in optimizing the structure of plastic mold parts, avoiding solution defects before manufacturing molds, saving costs and shortening your development time.
Project Management
At Yuanfang appointed a full-time project engineer for you to make you understand the progress of the project, for example, providing weekly schedule every week, from project start to the mold delivery, and the whole process is transparent to you.
At Yuanfang, whether the mold is a single-cavity or multi-cavity plastic injection mold for medical products, we can manufacture prototypes, verification molds, and series molds.
The normal cavity and core steel: S136, H13, 8407, NAK80, etc..
Product material: PP, ABS, PC, HDPE, PS, PBT, PA6+ GF, POM, PC/ABS, TPE, TPU, etc..
Mould life can be 1.5 million.
The mould can be produced with a weight of 25T and a maximum size of 2.5M.
We have established good relations of cooperation with customers in Europe, America and Southeast Asia Through the plastic mold.
Contact us for more information regarding our medical moulds and medical plastic injection molding services, or request a quote today. We are your premier medical plastic injection molding and medical prototype development experts.
Injection Molding Quality Control Processes
Quality assurance is key when it comes to plastic injection molding, YF Mold performs quality control throughout the whole manufacturing process. Our plastic molding quality control has been integrated into all processes to ensure that the final product you receive meets your specifications. The process of plastic molding quality control is as follows.
Raw Material Inspection
All raw materials are verified to be qualified. COA, RohS and REACH documents can be provided .
Visual Inspection
Parts are initially inspected directly out of molding machine. Quality Assurance technicians are trained to identify and rectify the following defects:
• Sink marks
• Short shots
• Burn marks
• Flash marks
FAI – First Article Inspection
First article inspection (FAI) establishes the responsibility that your product has been manufactured to specifications. Each critical design feature marked on the part drawing will be verified and recorded. We perform FAI on all new parts orders and can also provide FAI data after making any process changes when needed.
PPAP: Production Part Approval Process
Our production parts approval process enables customers in all industries to have confidence in our production process. The actual measurement of the produced parts was carried out and used to complete various tests during PPAP. This kind of plastic molding quality control aims to ensure that our design and production processes meet customer requirements.

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