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Medical device Tube Connector plastic injection Mold trial

Medical device Tube Connector plastic injection Mold trial

September 02, 2022

It’s a special day that we attend to mold trial in our Client cooperating injection molding factory to trial the mold. Our engineer and tool making colleague driving the car went to destination in the early morning.Medical device Tube Connector plastic injection Mold trial

When we arrived at the medical device plastic injection molding factory, the mold has been settled up on the vertical injection machine, our colleagues check the tool at first time.

1. Because the part material is very special which is so easy to occur the flash during production, so we fit the mold tight. But we found that mold fitting was a little too tight which we adjust it at the site

2. During test the mold, the core of mold is easy scratched which we adjust it to keep production smoothly.

3. The tool has been produced for long time, the water line of core mold was blocked which we completely solve and clean it

For the new cavity mold trial , the samples looked very perfect and our customer was satisfied with our work.

YF mold have more experience make this kind of medical device mold with hot runner injection mold like Mold Master, Incoe ect,meanwhile we keep on moving in this kind area which can support more projects for our client.

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