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Mould manufacture with unique solutions insert metals

Mould manufacture with unique solutions insert metals

August 06, 2022

YF molded complex insert mold and overmolding for electronic, connectors, auto parts, switches, mechanical components, sensors, fasteners, gears ect industry area. One-day regular customer told us that they have a new developing part which need to make a over molding. We check the 3D part drawing and demands for the part that we know about this is not a simple mold. The plastic part need to wrap metal plate and screw in the same time and meet the assembling & functional.


Our engineering team optimized the mold design and manufacturing tool in advanced equipment. After twice mold trial and test , the samples are approved by our customer.


The metal and plastic part can be moulded one step which can be saved production cost, no need to put the metal plate and screw by hand.

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