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  • Three Things That You Cannot Ignore When Refer to Mold Making
    Three Things That You Cannot Ignore When Refer to Mold Making
    May 05, 2022

    With 20 + years’ experience in plastic mold making and plastic part production, YF Mold possesses an experienced engineering design and toolmaking team. We strive to meet and exceed our clients’ goals and expectations. During mold making, three things that we need to pay attention 1. You can’t just focus on product design but neglect plastic injection mold manufacturing. Some of our clients were immersed in product development and didn’t communicate with the mold maker in time. After the product design is initially determined, you should communicate with your mold manufacturer and can help save your time and cost. A mold maker with rich experience can give you professional advice on your product design. To produce high quality plastic mold, the supply and demand both sides have to have good communication which can reduce costs and shorten time. YF mold offers free DFM on to help comprehensive analysis of your product on parting line, shrinkage and draft angle etc. 2. Should not only focus on price but also consider quality, cycle time and service. (1) There are many types of molds, and should select the right technology. (2) Molds with high precision requirements should be processed by high-precision CNC machines, and have strict requirements on mold steel and manufacture technology. (3) The mold shop should have high speed CNC, mirror EDM, slow wire cutting machines, High precise CMM measuring equipment, etc. 3. Avoid multi-side collaboration and try to choose one-step processing. (1) With qualified molds, it may not be possible to produce stable good products when quantity is big, because the person who controls plastic injection machines such important, the injection machine of parameter list influences your product quality. (2) Having a good mold but also needs a good plastic injection room, it is best to work through one-step cooperation, and try to avoid multi-side cooperation. YF Mold has been exceeding customer expectations since 1996 with injection mold design and construction. We are an ISO registered mold making company with vast experience constructing custom, precision injection molds for various industries. Contact us now for a FREE design consultation and to speak with a knowledgeable design engineer.

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  • Six Ways to Increase Tooling Life
    Six Ways to Increase Tooling Life
    March 12, 2022

    Tooling life has been an important factor affecting the profitability of an injection mold maker. If reasonable methods can be used to make mold life beyond the design requirements, then the profitability of the company will be greatly improved. Here are some ways to improve mold life. 1. Correctly setting the mold locking force It is very important to set the locking force correctly for each mold. If an operator uses too little locking force, injection pressure can exceed the mold locking force and blow open the mold during the injection process. If an operator uses excessive locking force, the injection molding machine will apply excessive compression on parting lines, vent areas and mold components, thus damaging the tool. To avoid these situations, 2. Setting low pressure close. Setting up a low-pressure close on the press to protect the mold. Set the high-pressure lock position to 0.05 higher than the actual mold contact position. Gradually reduce low pressure closing pressure until the mold is not locked. At this time, pressure rises slowly, allowing just enough pressure for the mold to transition from low-pressure to high-pressure lock up. What’s more, set the mold closer time to 0.5 secs higher than the actual mold closing time requirement. For example, if the actual mold closing time is 0.85 seconds, set the mold closing timer to 1.35 seconds. 3. Correctly setting the mold opening and closing Clamp speed affects cycle time, but faster speeds are not better, since they can cause tool wear or damage. It should ensure that the transition from close fast to close slow is smooth and the slow condition occurs before the pins and components match up. Make sure the transition between mold breakaway and mold open fast is also smooth, with the open fast segment occurring after all of the components are out of the mold. 4. Correctly setting up ejection Incorrect setting points can shorten tool life due to excessive stroke or improper part ejection, resulting in part closure between mold halves. It is necessary to eject the parts from the mold correctly according to the separation amount required by the actual product. Too much ejection will have too much pressure on the ejector pins. In addition to the injection volume, injection pressure should not be set too large, ensure pressure set points only use the required amount. 5. Correctly setting mold watering Mold temperature is too high and will have a negative impact on mold life, so mold temperature limit to a minimum requirement for acceptable part aesthetics. Also, ensure that the temperature difference between the moving tool side and the fixed tool side does not exceed 6 °C. Higher above this scope will lead to difference of the thermal deformation between the two sides of the mold, resulting in the problem of the opening and closing of the mold is not smooth, and the wear or damage of the mold. 6. Mold cleaning and maintenance In the production environment, always check, clean and grease the ...

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  • Look,our New Injection Molding Plant!
    Look,our New Injection Molding Plant!
    May 30, 2021

    YF Mold starts as a mold maker, we're leading the way with precision, innovation and teamwork. Our experience and capabilities benefit our customers in many ways, such as advising on small design changes, that help our customers save time and money. Our teams carry the philosophy that attention to detail makes all the difference. YF Mold provide molds for a wide range of industries, but more and more customers hope we can provide plastic parts or even finished products, but we're only equipped with 6 injection machines and the capacity is insufficient, therefore we decide build a new injection molding plant. In year 2021, from choosing the siting of new factory, equipped machines to factory open, it took us 6 months. The new factory is occupied 7000 square meters, with 30 injection machines from 60T to 1600 Tons,  YF Mold takes pride in being able to meet our customers' needs. Now along with building tools that make production-ready parts, we're highly skilled at doing the production itself. We are ready to handle your short or large runs. We also offer post-assembly services. Contact us now for a FREE design consultation and to speak with a knowledgeable design engineer.

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  •  Team Weekend Activity
    Team Weekend Activity
    September 20, 2022

    In YuanFang,we have quarterly team activities. Besides work, we also need life, people who enjoy life can work better. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, we pushed back the original event by two weeks,Finally, last weekend ushered in the group building activity we have been looking forward to for a long time.There are many very famous scenic spots and special activities in Guangdong Province,we collected a lot of information for the activity,Finally decided to go to Qingyuan, a three-hour drive away.It is a famous hot spring villa resort,the trees are lush, the air is fresh, you can get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.   Our itinerary arranged tasting local specialties.Do Your Own BBQ activity,Swimming, hot springs, karaoke and mahjong games and sightseeing at the most famous scenic spots around.   On Saturday morning we arrived at the meeting place early,everyone works to procure the necessary ingredients,after the nucleic acid test then drove off. At noon, we arrived near our destination, and we found a local farm with special characteristics and tasted different kinds of food. It can only be said that China has a large territory and abundant resources, and the food in each place is very distinctive. I don’t know whether the ride is hard, or the food is very delicious, everyone wolfed down,eat with relish. After a delicious meal, we arrived at the spa villa,after entering the first time is to visit around, the actual villa and the picture above a little different, but the overall is not bad.Take things as they come.Some people have a nice hot spring after swimming, some people just let their voices out and sing karaoke,some people play mahjong.At nightfall,we need to prepare the BBQ,everyone is busy and happy, skewers of food, charcoal fire,mixed spices,everything is ok, prepare barbecue. Luckily, we have colleague who love to cooking and are skilled at grilling, then we can eat delicious food. While eating a kebab, while drinking beer, enjoy the chat,we had a relaxing and enjoyable evening. The next day,we came to the most famous tourist spot in the neighborhood,a big temple.Buddhist culture prevails in some parts of China,although the study of Buddhist culture is not deep, but we are very serious worship Buddha.Everyone should have made a wish before the Buddha for peace of mind.In addition, the scenic area has continuous mountains,we did the right thing by driving up the hill instead of walking to the top,after nearly a turn in the mountains, we found ourselves driving from the beginning to the end. :)Finally, we walked for a while in the deep mountains, listening to the sound of streams and looking at the clear spring,could not help but drink the spring water, sweet and cool.   The trip ended, leaving us all with good memories.Such activities are undoubtedly an effective way to strengthen team cohesion, what we need is not only the familiarity of life, what is needed is the synergy that results,perhaps it is the famili...

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  • Medical device Tube Connector plastic injection Mold trial
    Medical device Tube Connector plastic injection Mold trial
    September 02, 2022

    It’s a special day that we attend to mold trial in our Client cooperating injection molding factory to trial the mold. Our engineer and tool making colleague driving the car went to destination in the early morning. When we arrived at the medical device plastic injection molding factory, the mold has been settled up on the vertical injection machine, our colleagues check the tool at first time. 1. Because the part material is very special which is so easy to occur the flash during production, so we fit the mold tight. But we found that mold fitting was a little too tight which we adjust it at the site 2. During test the mold, the core of mold is easy scratched which we adjust it to keep production smoothly. 3. The tool has been produced for long time, the water line of core mold was blocked which we completely solve and clean it For the new cavity mold trial , the samples looked very perfect and our customer was satisfied with our work. YF mold have more experience make this kind of medical device mold with hot runner injection mold like Mold Master, Incoe ect,meanwhile we keep on moving in this kind area which can support more projects for our client.

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  • Customer Visit
    Customer Visit
    December 15, 2020

    Today, our team warmly welcomed Jan, CEO of a Belgian multinational company and his team including product design engineers, purchasing managers and project engineers to our factory. With professional and strict requirements, they reviewed our CNC workshop, EDM workshops, Slow wire cutting shop, Grinding shop, Quality room and Assembly workshop. This visit we obtained a great compliment and high recognition from them. And also Jan and his team gave valuable suggestions to our tool shop. At the meeting, Jan and our design engineers discussed about their products. Their main business are plastic parts on home appliances and medical industry, and have a great demand for over molding, insert molding and 2K molding, that's exactly what we good at. We showed our similar plastic part samples and discussed with them on the technical difficulties in the processing of these types of mold, as well as the details to be paid attention to. They were impressed and recognized by our engineers 's professional knowledge and rich experience, meanwhile we had a better understanding of customer's needs and requirements for plastic mold making and part production. Doubtlessly our vast experience in Medical devices and Home appliances mold making & plastic production increased our confidence in further cooperation. Finally, they asked us if we have dust-free shop and they want their products produced in our factory. We have already planned to be equipped with dust-free workshop in 2021. YF mold is a leader in manufacturing precision injection molds, with over 10 years providing plastic injection moulds and injection molding service for the overseas market, we offer reliable & creative tooling solutions, our expertise includes Multi Cavity Mold, Precision Mold, 2 Shot Mold, Insert Molding and experienced in making plastic mould for Automotive, Medical, Home appliance and Industrial industry. Contact us to learn more about our cost saving efficiencies now.

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