Plastic Mold Manufacturing

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Steel Material 2343
Part Material PBT
Mold Life 500,000
Number of cavity 2
Mold Injection System Cold runner
Mold Frame LKM
Surface Treatment Texture

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In YF Tech&Mold which has 20 years of production experience in injection mold, we will meet the needs of customers with more stringent requirements:

Higher mold accuracy

With continuous improvement of living and production levels, requirements for product structure are also constantly increasing, which requires molding have higher ornamental and more sophisticated functional design. Traditional mold processing method has high dependence on the operator’s personal technology, use of various tools and complex, and processing cycle is relatively long, which can not meet the requirements of plastic molding manufacturing. Therefore, high-precision three-dimensional structural molding become a new growth demand point, and we will be in the direction of precision, three-dimensional, high-efficiency and rapid.

Higher plastic molding life

Life of plastic molding is an important parameter of molding, which is related to quality of product and overall cost of product. At present, service life of molding is above 1 million plastic cycles, and for higher requirements, imported steel with higher quality will be selected while material cost and processing cost are also increased accordingly.

Shorter Mold manufacturing cycle

Current market is fiercely competitive, and speed of product replacement is fast. How to make products appear faster and better in front of consumers is the key to success. Therefore, product is required to be controlled from the design to finished product in a very short period of time; and many products are assembled from a variety of structures and material combinations, often requiring plastic parts to be designed and efficiently formed in a short period of time. As a result, shorten manufacturing cycle of the plastic mold, and higher production processes and production efficiencies are required to meet entire production demand.

More clear design and manufacturing division of labor

At present, a detailed and professional form of cooperation in the design and manufacture of plastic molds has been formed in China. When product requirements are put forward by customers, YF Mold R&D team proposes a design plan after 3D modeling. After solution is determined, Our engineers will carry out mold manufacturing. Finally finished mold will be transferred to injection department for plastic production or customers. These links have been specialized, scaled and completed through a professional team, and manufacturing features are geographically differentiated and more detailed.

Factory will develop into a specialized segmentation

Plastic mold usually only need to manufacture one or several sets to meet production requirements. They are produced in single products, but there are many accessories that make up the mold. From the largest mold base to the smallest thimble, it is vital that each one Accessories affect the final product quality, so quality of each accessory must meet very high precision and quality requirements. At YF Tech&Mold, requirements for subdivision and specialization of accessories have been improved. Only by focusing on professionalism can we produce higher quality products.

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