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PP Connector for Medical Device Components

PP Connector for Medical Device Components

August 06, 2022

ChallengePP Connector for Medical Device Components

This is a molded part for medical device. The plastic part is difficult to be wrapped very well with helical and soft tube which is easy to have flash and resin leakage and tube is easy to be broken.


The mold is used hot runner turn to cold runner and the steel dimension must be precise. In the same time need to choose the right valve hot runner. It needs pay attention the mold temperature during injection molding parts. It sets up infrared sensor on injection machine to insure center of the tube aim at the mold.


We discussed with client to solve issue when happen unexpected situation. This project continue long time and test mold several times, finally sent the molds to customer. We think this mold should be used valve hot runner that produce part is more perfect.

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